Constant teaching, constant learning

I believe that you are never fully educated. I also believe that you learn best when teaching others. Learning new things is fun, but teaching new things to a curious mind is even more awesome.

Every weekend we have a family dinner, and since a few weeks, my and my book club friend Tyra (my boyfriend’s 8 year old niece) are reading one of the most well put together books that I have ever come across, “Good Night stories for Rebel Girls” (available in pretty much any language). We read about those brave, heroic, extraordinary women – and then we talk about it.

Last weekend, we also made our own soap and I taught Tyra how to draw with shapes:

She is learning literature, basic chemistry and artistry – and I am learning that we all focus on different things when adding information and skills. I am paying close attention to what sticks and what passes her by as uninteresting or irrelevant. You see, when we teach, we assume that our students will think as we want them to think, or we believe that they will copy our mindset. We assume that they have previous knowledge and that they are as curious as we are for the subject. That is not necessarily true.

So to all teachers and trainers out there – spend an afternoon teaching a child how to draw (or paint, or make soap, or sing, or play chess) or read and you’ll learn a ton on how to improve your teaching skills.

The rest of my weekend was spent uploading IdeaLab to TabletWise. The course will be available on that platform in about a week. In the meantime, you can check it out here.