How to succeed on Instagram?

This is not an “advice” post, I am actually asking you. I have struggled with that platform since I started. I am yet to find my voice and find the things my followers want to read about. I think that I have had all different types of feeds and all different types of posts, completed various “how to” courses, and still I struggle.

Can you relate? If yes, where do we go next? If no, how did you manage?

I follow 3 accounts daily: Sophia Roe, Joanna Swica and Marcin Osman. Their accounts are highly popular and provide tremendous value in the unique way. I would love to crack the code and give you, my lovely follower, just as much value. So now I wonder:

What type of content do you appreciate the most? How can I serve you and your idea generation on Instagram?

Would you like me to produce guides and graphics? Motivational quotes? Behind the scenes from my course creation? Let me know and I’ll make it happen.

And of course: my IG account is: