This week’s planning

One purpose with having this blog (again) is to inspire you to design your own professional life, with all the ups and downs that being a business owner means. People sometimes ask me what my days and weeks look like – they basically ask me what it is I do – so here is the week to come:

Main focus: to record, edit and send over my course in Polish for Besides that:

Monday: Zoom about a cool project in progress, coaching wrap up with a client (she is done, ready to stand on her own feet!)
Wednesday: Facebook LIVE at noon in Swedish “Vad är en bra idé?” Available here:
Friday: Podcast recording, workshop (ticket sales closed for this time, check out more dates here: (profile on Eventbrite) and a LinkedIn meeting.
Saturday: hopefully we’ll head over to Salto Mortale to pick up the lamp I put dibs on a few months ago (or, another one just like that because the original one was not able to fix).

I have a thing for lamps and this is the coolest lamp I have ever seen in my life!
Sunday: Family dinner.

The beauty about having your own business is that you (usually) can control your time. What you make of it is up to you. I am wishing you an awesome and productive week!