Whatever makes you feel like “Next Level”… do it!

Earlier this week I cut my hair. A silly thing to talk about, because most people cut their hair once in a while. This time I changed my look completely and it felt like “a new me”. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s exactly the same me and that I didn’t become this new and improved version of myself with one movement of my highly talented hair dresser’s scissors. No magic metamorphosis happened last Tuesday, however… leaving the salon I felt like this was a beginning of “next level”.

For me it was the hair. For you, it might be something else. Whatever YOU need to get the feeling of a new and improved version of yourself – do it! As silly as it sounds, if you have ever felt that “this new laptop case, these new heels, this new phone will make me a better [insert your profession]” – go get it! Simple. Because you need to do whatever it takes to always be the very best version of yourself. If a pair of shoes or a suit, or a bag or a lipstick or a book you might or might not have time to read does it for you – great!

Investing in yourself can mean two things: one is all about the real investment in knowledge, skills, competence. The other one is in that small, but to you significant change that makes you feel like you just stepped up your game. Don’t overthink, just go do it.